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On Child Abuse Issues

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An open letter to Barrie MP Patrick Brown:

Everyone is so focused on the economy these days we lose sight of what's important.

Is fixing the economy more important than protecting our children from the depraved in our society? Hardly.

Of course, we need to fix both problems. I can't, however, remember the last time I heard a politician take a stance on this issue and speak out with appropriate anger and conviction.

The pathetic response of many is to ignore this issue, as more and more children endure horrific abuse. By any human standards, they are being tortured. Yes, torture is happening in Canada.

This is not only incredible, it is to our shame, as Canadians, that it ever happens.

I commend the officers that sift through the endless pictures of abuse and save yet another hurting child. But more needs to be done.

Much, much more.

Jim Garland Barrie

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