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Changes Needed In The Children's Aid Sociiety

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Changes Needed In The Children's Aid Sociiety
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Our system keeps allowing Children to be abused even to the extent of death.

When the child dies the main focus seems to be on the care givers but never on the fact that they should have never had children in there care and why they where placed there by our system and now another child has died.

The only thing that has changed since the death of Jeffrey Baldwin is that they added an internal review board which will only listen after going through the C.A.S complaint procedures which takes weeks if not months for the process steps in order (worker, worker and supervisor, branch manager, executive director, board president ) this is what are system added after Jeffrey died the review board that will only listen if your not in court to make us feel safer about our children safety.

Still no outside organization is allowed to view there files including the ombudsman, our politicians, our police no one but yet we as a society have been believing that our children our safe why!!!

even with all there secrets do we really care about our children or just like to say we do so that we feel better about ourselves because if we really cared about our children we would put more effort into seeing our(every kids) kids needs are met and would not let the system we pay for hide from the society it is disgusting that a child can die do to abuse and

the Homicide detectives are not allowed to see there files. We as society as people stood back and let it happen, it was a mistake right makes things easier but then why if it was a mistake why did they not show it was a mistake why was it covered up.

The C.A.S.'s should be open to other organizations because that would only help stop these mistakes from happening, because i have heard from enough C.A.S 's workers that they have so many case loads it is overwhelming, then the have there own lives on top of have to deal with there own family problems it is alto to deal with there bound to make a mistake, and it is not mandatory for them to take a coarse in Child psychology.

So with the head games that are going nowadays it is very difficult with the amount of case loads they have to really see what is happening they need help or our children will not receive the help they need to grow up in a healthy atmosphere. Please look more closely at what is happening are Children and are future depend on it.

Smarter Than God!
The Catholic Children's Aid Believe They are
Smarter Than God!

From all I have witnessed and been told the Catholic Church frowns on such practices as Telepathic Communication. I have heard nothing but rejection regarding this sense from our Psychiatric community as well. In fact we are told we are demented and hearing things not telepathic. So then tell me how any Catholic Children's Aid Psychiatrist can say he or she has the skills to assess anyone they have never met. This assessment I am referring to is being taken to family court in a custody hearing

Dr.??? (not aloud to give Dr's. name at this time), a psychiatric consultant with The Catholic Children's Aid Society diagnoses people without ever having talked to them, met them or done anything at all regarding these people but read papers and reports from the Catholic Children’s Aid Workers. This doctor is most defiantly one of the best psychics I have ever heard of
or so It Seems!

How is it that a worker with The Catholic Children’s Aid Society (the least trusted society, by all of our communities due to the many cases of death and abuse reported in our media this past few years) can say anything to Dr.??? (not aloud to give Dr's. name at this time) and he is believing it without question, diagnosing this person or people and giving recommendation to our Children’s Lawyers and Judges without any proof of the information being true and no input or examination done with the person or persons this matter is regarding?

Is this how Jeffrey Baldwin’s grandparents Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman, were assessed? As I have written in past articles, Jeffery Baldwin was my cousin, just a baby. Jeffery died, from abuse that was doled out by the Grandparents, Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman due to the mistakes in character made by The Catholic Children’s Aid Society.

Susan Dimitriadis Jeffrey’s other grandmother was not even aloud to see Jeffery and God knows that Susan Dimitriadis would have never abused Jeffrey and this child would be alive today if The Catholic Children’s Aid society was not listening to and spreading Gossip.

As we all know this past few years there have been many huge mistakes made by the Catholic Children’s aid Society. They have been making a habit out of sending children to unfit homes to be abused sometimes killed. They deface (using lies, gossip and manipulations) parents and advocates that do care and do not abuse children. They do this in places that can truly destroy lives and families, cause major problems with emotional and mental illnesses in the people they abuse, tear the heart out of families leaving them tattered or totally broken as well as causing death in some instances.

Then to top it off The Catholic Children’s Aid Society Workers gossip to other professionals such as Psychiatrist Dr.???(not aloud to give Dr's. name at this time) who then makes reports (on people he has never met, but has heard about through the gossip of The Catholic Children’s Aid Society), to Children’s Lawyers and Judges to get the effects wanted by The Catholic Children’s Aid Society in custody hearings.


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